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Guangzhou International Health Station is here!

Jun 18 , 2022

Guangzhou International Health Station is located in Baiyun District, which is an intelligent and unmanned isolation area.

The Health Inn is different from the existing isolation hotels, with 5,000 independent rooms, which will strictly follow the isolation requirements to ensure that people will not be cross-infected.

What's so special about this world's first smart health station with an international leading level? Next, GUIZU GROUP will unveil her mystery for everyone.


The appearance of the health station is simple and stylish, like a resort.




The room is designed as a single room, with all living facilities, the spacious large glass windows are full of light, making people feel comfortable, and also equipped with living facilities with intelligent sensing function.



Guests who need to be quarantined and observed come here and scan the QR code of the room to check in. The guest scans the door with the QR code, and the door opens. There is a temperature measuring device next to it, standing in front of the camera, the guest's body temperature will be transmitted to the station system.


"We set up a small cover in front of the camera. In order to protect the privacy of the guests, after the body temperature is measured, the cover is closed, and the guests can dispel their doubts." The technician of the International Health Station introduced.


Each room is equipped with a life-sensing radar, and the vital signs data of the guests will be fed back to the system of the inn.



Staff achieve contactless health management through screens outside the room.


Environmental disinfection, food delivery, garbage collection and transportation are all taken over by unmanned vehicles. More than 400 medical and logistics personnel are available 24/7.


Guangzhou International Health Station will become a new window for China to convey confidence in epidemic prevention and development to the world.

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